Standard Services included in the Service Charge

The Estates Management Team:  To ensure your wellbeing and to deal with the day-to-day running of the development, there’s an Estate Manager and a team of dedicated staff will always be on-site, in case of emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

24 hour emergency call service:  A round-the-clock emergency call response and monitoring service provides reassurance and supports the role of the Estates Management Team.

Garbage disposal:  Collected twice weekly from cottages.

Management and maintenance of the building:  The cleaning of shared areas, as well as the management and maintenance of buildings and gardens for the entire development. This service includes all repairs, replacements and annual redecorations.

Buildings Insurance:  Buildings insurance is included in the monthly service charges.

The lounge and restaurant:  The provision of a catering service for homeowners and guests every day of the year.

Delivery Service:  Food and other provisions are delivered to your door daily on request.

Additional Services

Extra services and facilities can be provided and the support and care service our team delivers is tailored to suit you. Our flexible personal care services can be adapted to match your individual needs. We can arrange a private, confidential Wellbeing Assessment with the Estates Manager, so you can be sure you’ll have all the care and support you require from the moment you move in.

Extra services include the following;

Domestic assistance:  A number of hours of domestic assistance per week can be provided which can be used for cleaning, bed changing or laundry service.

Food:  Beverages and food can be served either at the Clubhouse or in your cottage.

Personal locator and alarm:  A convenient device worn by the resident which gives location information and provides an alert in the event of an emergency.

Physiotherapy sessions:  A qualified physiotherapist can be provided for regular or one-off sessions.

Medical services:  Nursing and medical services can be provided to specific needs. Hospital appointments can be facilitated and a visiting doctor can be arranged to cater for specific medical conditions.

Transport:  Transport can be provided as required.

Community activities:  Community activities will be available including guest speakers, games nights and specialist cinema.

Excursions:  Regular excursions will be arranged and chartged over and above the monthly service charge.