Where is it?

Fadhili Care Retirement Village at Greenpark is the first purpose built Retirement Village in Kenya.  Situated within the beautiful award winning Greenpark gated community along Mombasa Road, the 5 acre landscaped site is home to 41 Fadhili cottages and a clubhouse all arranged around tranquil, green open spaces and water features.

When will it be ready for occupation?

Fadhili Greenpark is already under construction and we plan to be ready to receive the first 12 residents during February 2019.  Two show houses and the clubhouse will be completed and ready for viewing.

Does everyone get their own house?

Yes – everyone enjoys the privacy of their own cottage and garden area.

Tell me more about the cottages?

There are 22 one bedroom and 19 two bedroom cottages within Fadhili Greenpark and all the homes have been designed for easy access.  The one bedroom cottages are ideal for singles or couples and the two bedroom cottages are for those who may need live in care or often have visiting friends and family.

There are no steps or stairs, all doors are wider than standard, storage shelves are low and sliding windows are fitted.  All are equipped with panic buttons to summon help immediately in case of emergency.  There is a car parking space at each cottage.

Why is it so special?

This ground-breaking development is the first of its kind in Kenya.  Everything about Fadhili Greenpark has been carefully designed to ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of the residents – from the level site and wide doorways to the one off monthly payment which covers a wide range of services and cottage maintenance.

The clubhouse is a great place to relax, socialise and make new friends and a wide range of drinks and delicious meals are served in the spacious lounge.

Tell me about the care?

A wide range of services and facilities can be provided and the support and care service our team delivers is tailored to suit you.  Our flexible personal care services can be adapted to match your individual needs.  We can arrange a private, confidential Wellbeing Assessment with the Estates Manager, so you can be sure you’ll have all the care and support you require from the moment you move in.

What services are included?

  • Reception
  • Clubhouse Membership and use
  • Garbage collection
  • Landscaping of common areas and gardens
  • Cottage maintenance
  • Buildings insurance

Are there any additional facilities and services?

Yes there is a range of extra services which may be selected from the menus and Fadhili Greenpark will make every effort and cater for any special needs.

Extra services include the following;

Domestic assistance:  A number of hours of domestic assistance per week can be provided which can be used for cleaning, bed changing or laundry service.

Food:  Beverages and food can be served either at the Clubhouse or in your cottage.

Personal locator and alarm:  A convenient device worn by the resident which gives location information and provides an alert in the event of an emergency.

Physiotherapy sessions:  A qualified physiotherapist can be provided for regular or one-off sessions.

Medical services:  Nursing and medical services can be provided to specific needs. Hospital appointments can be facilitated and a visiting doctor can be arranged to cater for specific medical conditions.

Transport:  Transport can be provided as required.

Community activities:  Community activities will be available including guest speakers, games nights and specialist cinema.

Excursions:  Regular excursions will be arranged and charged over and above the monthly service charge.

Tell me more about the location?

Fadhili Greenpark is sited within Greenpark Estate located on Mombasa Road some 30 kilometres from Nairobi CBD.  The Estate, covering more than 163 acres of land, has quickly gained the reputation as one of Kenya’s premier gated communities.  Greenpark currently has more than 500 houses built and occupied and this will rise to more than 700 once the estate is completed in 2020.  Each house has a large garden and Greenpark is known for its tranquillity which will be enjoyed by Fadhili Greenpark.

Are there any other services nearby?

Yes, the Greenpark Sundowner Hotel is adjacent to Fadhili Care where facilities include;

  • Accommodation
  • Conference facilities
  • Sport bars & Pool Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool

How about the terms and conditions?

Fadhili Greenpark is an Retirement Village and residents will generally be of advancing years and in need of some day to day support and assistance.

With a wide range of standard services included in the one off monthly payment and additional services available to meet particular needs, the peace of mind that Fadhili Greenpark provides to residents and relatives is unsurpassed in Kenya.

The minimum terms for a residency is six months and there is no maximum stay.

What does it cost?

There are two cost and payment options for the cottages;

Option one is to buy the cottage and pay only the monthly charges for the service package.  The early bird offer price for the cottage is Kshs 10 million for the one bedroom unit and Kshs 12 million for the two bedroom unit.

The inclusive monthly service charge will be from Kshs 48,000 depending on single or double occupation and wether a one betroom or two bedroom cottage.

Under option one Fadhili Greenpark will resell the cottage when it is no longer required and split the profit equally with the seller.  Fadhili Greenpark will guarantee to buy the unit back from the seller for at least what was paid.

Option two is to pay a monthly rental charge from Kshs 62,000 for a one bedroom cottage in addition to the monthly service charge for the service package.

After the initial six month minimum period a one month notice period is all that is required and there are no additional charges made on vacation of the unit.

How does it work as an investment?

Investors can buy a cottage and Fadhili Greenpark will arrange the rental as under option two above.  All rental income goes to the Investor.

When the investor decides to sell, Fadhili Greenpark will market the cottage and split the profit equally with the investor.  Fadhili Greenpark will guarantee to buy the unit back from the investor for at least what was paid.